Kung meron kang gustong i-submit na sablay. It’s really very easy! Just send the picture (preferably high res for easier editing) or link to Include your name (or label yourself anonymous) and details of where you snapped it from. We will make sure that your SABLAY is properly acknowledged.

Please read the Terms & Conditions regarding submission of content.



  1. grabeh, astid nag site na to!

    • Thanks ice. You rock! Keep supporting sablay and tell all your friends about it! Thanks!

  2. wow..! sino po ang gumawa nito..!! amazing..!!

  3. diko akalain may ganto din pala astig
    sana dumami pa..

  4. i love this site. its so cool..

    astig yung mga jokes dito. :))

    • thanks noy noy! more power to you too!

  5. sana dagdagan nyu pa ng mga bagong sablines and words of wisdom.
    i love it! 😛

  6. if u laB somebody giv yor body !

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