On researching what the word SABLAY means, I came accross several definitions for it all over the internet. One explained that it’s a term for when two opposing waves in the ocean meet; in fact a town was named after it. The other referred to the draping fabric used to pimp the more traditional graduation toga. However, I was looking for the colloquial use of the word “sablay” and finally found it. And yes, you’re right, i’m referring to Sugarfree’s song “Hari Ng Sablay” which instantly gained a following of sablays, so to speak. Here’s a few lines from the song.

“..Mula pa n’ong pagkabata, mistulan ng tanga, san san nadadapa, san san bumabanga..”

And that roughly explains what this site is about. It aims to collect all the hilarious, amusing, odd, unique, entertaining, weird, strange, funny things that are distinctively Filipino. This blog however, is not intended to degrade the Filipino so for those who are starting to “boil the kettle”, theres too much of that on tv already, give yourself a break and just laugh!

How did this blog start? Well I was fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time when i decided to relax after work one night over coffee and maybe a nice dessert. Approaching the cashier in a well known coffee shop in Olongapo, I decided to order a Caramel Mach. And this is how the conversation went…

Cashier: Good evning sir, can I take your order?

Ken: Can I order a Large Caramel Machiato?

Cashier: Would that be to have here or to go?

Ken: To go na lang.

Cashier: Sir wala po kasi kaming to go cups.

Ken: Bakit mo ako tinanong kung to have here or to go?

Cashier: (with innocent confused face) Sir, hindi ko po yun tinanong…

Ken: Ay , nevermind na lang, isang leche plan na lang..

Cashier: Would that be all?

Ken: Eerrrr and the Caramel Machiato..

Cashier: Would that be to have here or to go?

Ken: Grrrr..

And with that! was born!

Being a fan of internet sites such as &, i’ve decided to build a blogsite showcasing similar articles that are exclusively Pinoy. I mean how many times have you used a public toilet bearing a “Please flushed after used” sign? Nakakain ka na ba sa “Goto believe in magic Gotohan” ? or do you have a favorite sablay moment on tv that is too funny not to pass on? Kung nakakatuwa o nakakatawa sya, it’s worthy to be on!

Whether its a funny headline on the news, a weird sign on the street, paborito mong sablay moment sa tv o mga pasaway na tao sa mundo, snap a picture of it or grab it and email to

With our current political situation, with  presidentiables lobbying for change; freedom from opression, from unemployment, from poverty.. Here’s a blog lobbying for truth, and to see ourselves in a different light. Maybe in the future we’ll laugh at ourselves and think – “how can i avoid being on” Well it’s only wishful thinking, but with your support, maybe you can help turn this dream into a reality 😛

So submit a SABLAY, subscribe to or tell your friends na sablay sila, ay, about pala and help me turn this blog become the top most choice for daily humor! Yey. Tara na! SABLAYan na!